Dental Aesthetics

Nowadays people not only seek to recover the masticatory function when they lose teeth but also look for an attractive smile. At Dr.Guzmán’s dental Clinic. We offer two very essential treatments to allow you to get that smile.

Ceramic facets: The dental facet is reminiscent of a contact lens. Placed just in the visible area of ​​the tooth. It allows us to modify mainly the colour of the tooth and also sometimes to slightly modify the position. It is advisable to perform a preliminary study in wax to see the final results. It is  fairly conservative treatment with the tooth.

Tooth whitening: Used in cases where we only want to improve the colour of the teeth. Over the years the teeth tend to darken due mainly to pigments that are in food, as well as in coffee, tea, tobacco, drinks with colourings, etc.  It is a very conservative treatment and painless

Usually a gel is applied; you can do an outpatient treatment at home where the result is progressive or a treatment in the same dental clinic going out with a whiter different colour.

There is an exception in this treatment that is the internal bleaching where we seek to bleach a single tooth that has darkened after performing the endodontic treatment estate lawyers near me

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