Buccal surgery

To talk about of a full treatment for the problems with the buccal cavity, odontology should be supported by the buccal surgery. Our team of specialists use the buccal surgery to solve the problems like rebuilt bone by implantology, pathological wisdom teeth, infections, cysts, etc.

We are ready to carry out all kind of surgery for the treatment of periodontal sickness, including grafts, treatment of gingival recessions (abnormal elongation of the teeth), regeneration techniques, etc.

At Dr. Guzmán’s dental clinic we use a method of minimally invasive techniques avoiding overloading or debasing the neighbouring structures, thus our patient can get the best confortable feeling during the surgery and afterwards. Furthermore we have got a wide experience with those patients under anticoagulation medical treatment, as well as those ones with added pathologies which should be treated with specific cautions.